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Corporate Media

The Covid-19 Concoction: A Recipe for Successful Psychological Operations

Abstract: When viewed as a war story, the COVID-19 narrative framed in corporate media urges citizens to be on a constant “war footing” and...


Democracy Lost: Propaganda, Character Assassination and the Campaign Against Professor David Miller

On October 1st 2021, the University of Bristol decided to buckle in the face of a near 3 year-long militant Zionist campaign and fire Professor...

Propaganda in Academia

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The Conspiracy Label as a Tool of Propaganda, Part II: The Multi-institutional Politics of the Santa Claus Conspiracy and 911 Truth

(A follow-up to Part I: The Conspiracy Label as a Tool of Propaganda, Part I: Origins and Organizations Behind the Conspiracy Label)When my stepdaughter...

Deafening Silences: propaganda through censorship, smearing and coercion

(Also published at the start of the COVID event, authorities around the world have sought to implement quite extraordinary policies including the so-called...

Webinar: Propaganda and the ‘9/11 Global War on Terror’

(Originally published by UK Column on October 10, 2021, featuring guest speakers from the Working Group on Propaganda and The 9/11 Global 'War on...

Propaganda and Trauma

Geoff was on the 106th Floor of the World Trade Centre’s north tower. The attacks on America of September 11th 2001 were viewed in real-time by...

How the Sept 11th victims’ families search for answers was met with Stonewalling, Lies and Political Theatre

Introduction On November 24, 2007, September 11th widow Lorie Van Auken whose husband Kenneth W. Van Auken had died in the North Tower spoke before an...

Theory & Practice

Between Administration and Society: Camus, Plagues, and Coronavirus

Abstract: This article examines the relevance of Albert Camus’s novel, The Plague, for understanding the rationales and actions taken by state actors in the CoVid-19 crisis. Because...

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