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Democracy Lost: Propaganda, Character Assassination and the Campaign Against Professor David Miller

On October 1st 2021, the University of Bristol decided to buckle in the face of a near 3 year-long militant Zionist campaign and fire Professor...

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Truth, Reconciliation, and the Death of Adriaan Vlok

A year after the end of Apartheid, Nelson Mandela’s Government of National Unity launched the South African Truth and Reconciliation Process (TRC) under the...

Guy Debord’s Warning of “The Role of the Expert”: A Philosophical Perspective on the Rise of Fact-Checking

Abstract Why are we bombarded by fact-checks and “anti-disinformation” efforts in our timeline scrolls? When one reads news, further, they often find that “experts” are...

Remembering Lance deHaven-Smith (1951-2022)

Lance deHaven-Smith (nee Smith) was born in Atlanta Georgia on April 11, 1951. He graduated with honors from high school, earning a letter as...

Justin Trudeau and the Politics of the Possible: The Emergencies Act Inquiry in Canada and the Triumph of Propaganda

Introduction On February 14, 2022, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act in response to protests across Canada. Based on testimony at a public inquiry in...

Questioning The Official Story About Official Stories: A Role for Citizen Investigations

(Also published at timhayward.wordpress) Official stories, according to the official story about them, are (nearly) always true. The ‘nearly’ gets mentioned just because, on rare...

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Spectacle and Simulation

Spectacle Spectacle is the system’s representation of itself. It is a vast self-reproducing accumulation of images which stands in for a society which no longer...

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